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Microsoft’s Misstep: Premature Announcement of Final Fantasy XIV Open Beta on Xbox

On Tuesday, Microsoft made a rare misstep through its Xbox Wire platform. The tech giant made a mistake by erroneously declaring the immediate availability. This announcement pertained to the open beta for the upcoming Xbox version of Final Fantasy XIV. Square Enix clarified and swiftly retracted the announcement during the 2024 Fan Festival for Final Fantasy XIV in Japan.

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Estimating the Launch: A February 2024 Target

The game’s developer, Square Enix, emphasized that they earmarked the anticipated release for this beta on Xbox for February 2024. Microsoft, quick to acknowledge the mistake, issued an apology via the Xbox Wire social media channels, promising to soon provide the accurate release date.

Incomplete Information and Online Confusion

The flawed article in question suffered not only from the premature announcement but also lacked essential details. These details included guidance on accessing the Xbox Open Beta. During its brief online stint, players struggled to locate the beta version on the Xbox Store or the Xbox Insider app.

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Emphasis on FFXIV’s Popularity

Despite its incomplete nature, the publication underscored the enduring popularity of Final Fantasy XIV as a beloved MMORPG. The game boasts a player base exceeding 30 million. The article featured a link to a series of beginner-friendly FFXIV tutorial videos on YouTube. It noted that the beta would encompass all content from the free trial version of Final Fantasy XIV, spanning everything up to the Stormblood expansion.

Assurances and Progress Preservation

Participants in the beta were assured that all progress made would carry over seamlessly. This assurance applied when the full versions for Xbox Series X and Xbox Series S of Final Fantasy XIV were officially released.

Microsoft’s inadvertent announcement may have caused confusion. However, amidst the uncertainty, the gaming community eagerly awaits the correct beta release date. This anticipation serves as a testament to the fervor surrounding the impending arrival of Final Fantasy XIV on the Xbox platform.

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