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Vision Pro: Details Of Video Gaming Controls Integrated into the Headset

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In June 2023, Cupertino hosted the Worldwide Developers Conference where Apple unveiled its first mixed reality headset, the Vision Pro. The announcement provided insights into some of the device’s embedded features. Despite the announcement, crucial details about gaming controls designed for the Vision Pro were noticeably missing. Chinese media outlet Jiemian News addressed this gap, rectifying the oversight.

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Jiemian News disclosed that Apple’s mixed reality headset is expected to feature both controllers and gesture-based commands designed for gaming applications. The device promises to seamlessly track hand and eye movements, bringing the Animus concept from the Assassin’s Creed series to life.

Interactive Gaming Controls

In a groundbreaking move, Apple has incorporated two interactive gaming control options into the Vision Pro. Developers crafting games for the Vision Pro can opt for a full-gesture gaming experience. This innovative approach allows users to simulate the tactile feel of virtual buttons. It does so through an integrated sound feedback system, a pioneering gaming control solution within the headset’s development kit.

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Apple Vision Pro Gaming Controls Integrated into Headset (1)

The second option offers complete compatibility with a traditional game controller, enabling gamers to navigate within a more conventional environment. To enhance user experience, Apple has implemented a system allowing users to visually track and position the device. This system offers a certain degree of freedom, reminiscent of the joystick on the PS VR system.

Imminent Launch for the Vision Pro

While the exact form of the Vision Pro’s associated controller remains undisclosed, eager enthusiasts won’t have to wait much longer for the details. Apple recently confirmed that pre-orders will commence on January 19, with initial deliveries scheduled for February 2. Following this, the Vision Pro will hit the shelves in Apple Stores across the United States and the official Cupertino website, retailing at $3,499.

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As a quick reminder, the Vision Pro is a mixed reality headset allowing users to seamlessly switch between augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) modes with a simple button press. Boasting 4K resolution, the device is powered by the M2 chip and the new R1 chip.

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