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Microsoft Copilot Quietly Emerges on Play Store with GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 Models

Techosarusrex discovered the Microsoft Copilot on X in the Google Play Store. Users can now download it and explore several core functionalities, as reported by Neowin. The application introduces users to an array of capabilities, enabling them to pose queries to the AI chatbot, craft images using its text-to-image generation software, and even request content creation assistance.

Of significant note, Microsoft elucidates that the Copilot app harnesses the power of the GPT-4 and DALL-E 3 models from OpenAI. The latter specifically handles most “imaginative” queries and commands users might initiate, such as furnishing descriptions for image generation.

A Multifaceted Tool

Termed the “Image Creator,” within the Copilot app, it assists users in crafting social media assets, designing logos, illustrating books, and visualizing movies and storyboards. On another front, it delves into the AI’s adeptness at drafting emails and condensing extensive textual passages.

As customary with AI, Microsoft cautiously alerts users about the possibility of “surprises and errors.”

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Enhanced Access and Functionality

Users can now freely access and download the Microsoft Copilot application from the Play Store.

The revelation of Copilot took place during the Microsoft Build developers’ conference in May. Detailed to debut on Windows 11-qualified computers by June 2023, it appeared as a renaissance of Cortana. Accessible through a computer’s taskbar, Copilot mirrors much of the functionalities found within its dedicated Android application.

Moreover, the app presented an easier alternative for users desiring to leverage the Bing Chat’s AI plugins (now rebranded as Copilot) within the Microsoft Edge desktop.

Distinguishing Features

In addition, the Copilot Android app offers users free access to OpenAI’s GPT-4 model. Unlike the official ChatGPT app, launched in July, users must pay to unlock the Chat GPT-4 features.

The inclusion of a dedicated Copilot application broadens the spectrum of user interactions with OpenAI software. While Copilot has existed within the Microsoft Edge app for some time, users can now access it through the Bing Search and Chat widget.

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