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Microsoft Copilot Now Available as an Android App

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Microsoft has achieved another significant milestone in its journey. The Redmond-based company quietly launched a dedicated Copilot application for Android devices, marking a noteworthy stride in access to artificial intelligence.

Breaking Away from Bing Mobile App

This new application provides access to Microsoft’s Copilot without the need for the Bing mobile app. Until now, utilizing Copilot functionalities on Android necessitated using the Bing application. However, this constraint is now a thing of the past. For nearly a week, the Copilot application has been independently available on the Google Play Store. This move will greatly streamline and democratize access to Microsoft’s artificial intelligence.

An AI Assistant in Your Pocket

The Copilot application on Android is not merely a transposition of the user interface. It embodies a true technological feat by offering not only conversational capabilities akin to those of ChatGPT but also image generation through DALL-E 3 and text composition for emails and documents. What’s even more impressive is its provision of free access to the latest GPT-4 model from OpenAI—an advantage that was previously a paid feature for ChatGPT users.

Microsoft Copilot Now Available as an Android App (1)

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A Logical Evolution

While the iOS version of Copilot is not yet available, it seems reasonable to anticipate its imminent arrival. Evidently, Microsoft appears determined to expand the Copilot experience beyond current limits. For iOS users, the Bing app remains, for now, the means of accessing Copilot functionalities on an iPhone or iPad. However, one could say that the horizon holds promise for more.

As a reminder, the launch of the Copilot application for Android comes just over a month after Microsoft rebranded Bing Chat as Copilot. Microsoft had initially launched its AI initiative earlier this year within its Bing search engine, integrating a ChatGPT-like interface into search results. While this integration is still available, Microsoft has moved away from the Bing Chat branding and allowed Copilot to become a more independent experience, also existing on its dedicated domain at—somewhat similar to ChatGPT.

Strategic Reorientations

All these strategic realignments underscore Microsoft’s commitment to innovation and placing AI at the core of user experience—not merely as a supplementary element but as a principal player in interaction.

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(Source: The Verge)

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