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Review of the AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD 240 Hz OLED Monitor

The AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD monitor has arrived on our doorstep, presenting itself as a rather expensive option. However, it stands as one of the more affordable OLED monitors for gaming. Let’s be honest— the price tag of the AGON Pro AG276QZD, exceeding $700, demands careful consideration before purchase.

OLED technology isn’t entirely groundbreaking in televisions, and several manufacturers have integrated OLED screens into laptops. Smartphones and smartwatches, well, let’s not delve into those. However, there have been advancements in using OLED in desktop monitors.

Previously, OLED wasn’t commonly used in desktop monitors due to various reasons, but most of those issues seem to have been addressed. Concerns over OLED’s lower brightness persist; IPS screens are notably brighter, yet OLED has caught up considerably. The past limitations of smaller sizes and lower resolutions in OLED seem to have been resolved. Nonetheless, OLED previously faced and still contends with burn-in issues, which can quickly degrade the monitor’s quality, especially when displaying static elements in the operating system’s lower toolbar. Manufacturers have made efforts to combat this with software tricks, but the burn-in problem hasn’t been entirely eradicated.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (1)

Technical Specifications of AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD

Specification Details
Screen Size 26.5 inches, flat
Screen Resolution 2560 x 1440 (QHD), 16:9, about 110 ppi
Panel Type WOLED, anti-glare matte finish
Refresh Rate 240 Hz
Brightness Around 250 cd/m² in SDR mode, 1000 cd/m² in HDR mode
Contrast Ratio Typical 80 million:1
Webcam None
Ports a. 2x HDMI 2.0 (2560 x 1440 @ 144 Hz),
b. 2x DisplayPort 1.4 (2560 x 1440 @ 240 Hz),
c. 2x USB 3.2 Gen 1 Type-A, 3.5 mm headphone
Built-in Speakers 2x 5 W
Dimensions 604.4 (W) × (396.6~526.6) (H) × 233.9 (D) (with stand)
Weight 6.41 kg (with stand)
Tiltable Yes
Adjustable Height Yes, 130 mm
VESA Mount Yes, 100 x 100
Power Consumption Around 35 W when turned on
Included in Package Monitor + stand, power cable, 1 x HDMI cable,
1 x DisplayPort cable, 1 x USB Type-A to Type-B cable,
VESA mount
Color Gamut sRGB 136.7%, DCI-P3 98.3%
Additional Features G-SYNC Compatible, HDR 10
Price $799

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (2)

Design and Build

In terms of appearance, the AGON Pro AG276QZD doesn’t boast uniqueness. It’s a sub-27-inch monitor standing on a sturdy base. Being an OLED technology, the monitor is exceptionally slim. Its design is rather straightforward, featuring RGB LED inserts at the rear. The design of both the monitor and the stand is asymmetrical, which might not appeal to everyone.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (3)

The stand allows for adjustable height, rotation, swivel, and tilt. It’s stable on the desk and doesn’t significantly intrude on keyboard and mouse placement, even on smaller desks. There could be improvements in cable management, though, as the stand’s rear channels offer minimal concealment for cables.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (4)

The AGON Pro AG276QZD’s controls are managed via a five-directional joystick, which poses no issues. The monitor interface works seamlessly with the joystick control. Connectivity options are sufficient, including a USB hub with two output ports. Additionally, a relevant USB cable for connecting the monitor to a computer is included in the package.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (5)

The monitor houses fairly decent speakers, suitable for casual gaming without concerns.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (6)

Overall, the AGON Pro AG276QZD is quite impressive, although it might not fully meet the expectations one might have for a monitor priced about $800.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (7)

User Interface and Software

The AGON Pro AG276QZD comes with a simple G-Menu application, allowing customization of settings for various gaming genres. Enabling OLED maintenance strategy is recommended to prevent burn-in issues. The application also manages firmware updates for the monitor.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (8)

The monitor employs the familiar AGON interface, which isn’t particularly unique. However, this iteration seems slightly simplified and more user-friendly. Previously, issues were noted with contrast and brightness being oddly calibrated, which didn’t facilitate usability.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (9)

Gaming features in the interface include frame rate and crosshair options, although extended use of the crosshair might risk burn-in on the OLED screen. The interface also enables adjustment of the RGB LED backlighting at the rear, albeit these effects aren’t very prominent when reflecting off a wall.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Display Quality

The AGON Pro AG276QZD utilizes WOLED technology, which, while not ideal for reading, exhibits a slight shadow effect on white text due to the additional sub-pixel. Despite the purported high 1440p resolution on a sub-27-inch screen, some lack of sharpness is noticeable. Over time, this might become bothersome, but it’s essential to remember that the AGON Pro AG276QZD primarily targets gaming.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (10)

AOC claims that the AGON Pro AG276QZD is a genuine HDR monitor with a peak brightness of 1000 cd/m². Indeed, in HDR mode, the display appears impressive, especially evident when trying out Shadow of the Tomb Raider.

In regular SDR mode, available information suggests the AGON Pro AG276QZD operates at a maximum brightness of approximately 250 cd/m². The manufacturer doesn’t explicitly specify the SDR brightness, and we lack specialized tools to measure OLED parameters and calibrate the screen.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (11)

Regarding the OLED burn-in warranty, it’s somewhat peculiar and rather impractical. One clause in the warranty suggests limiting continuous monitor usage to 4 hours. The warranty conditions discussing burn-in risks span over 2 pages, indicating more of an attempt to avoid warranty claims than genuine concern for the purchaser.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (12)

The matte finish on the screen effectively reduces glare but slightly dulls color vibrancy. At a glance, the AGON Pro AG276QZD resembles an excellent IPS or VA display with superior black tones, alleviating the previous issues of oversaturated colors on OLED screens.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (13)

It’s worth noting that the AGON Pro AG276QZD supports HDMI with only 144 Hz, lacking HDMI 2.1, which would be expected at this price point. Consoles might suffice with this HDMI, while desktops might lean towards using DisplayPort, although the absence of HDMI 2.1 might disappoint some.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (14)

The 240 Hz performance in the widely known UFO test is flawlessly visible, demonstrating impeccable functioning of the AGON Pro AG276QZD with its OLED technology. However, if scrutinized closely, online sources indicate that the response time (gray-to-gray) of the AGON Pro AG276QZD isn’t the advertised 0.03 ms but rather approximately 0.4 ms. Nonetheless, this remains minimal when comparing this parameter to IPS matrices.

The AGON Pro AG276QZD comes factory-calibrated and includes a calibration report.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (15)

We have the following computer hardware:

Component Model
Motherboard Gigabyte Z790 AORUS ELITE AX
Processor Intel Core i9-13900K
CPU Cooler Fractal Design Celsius+ S36 Dynamic AIO
Graphics Card Intel Arc A750
Intel Graphics Driver (WHQL Certified)
(Date: 10/10/2023)
RAM G.SKILL Trident Z5 RGB Black DDR5 32GB 5600MHz CL36 Kit of 2
Storage Samsung 990 PRO PCIe 4.0 SSD
Power Supply Xilence, 1050W, Performance X, 80+ Gold
Case Fractal Design Meshify 2 XL
Operating System Windows 11 64-bit (2022H2 Update)

As seen in this review, it’s tested with an Intel Arc A750 graphics card, not particularly suitable for 1440p gaming. This graphics card struggles to maintain frame rates above 100 fps in some games, like Counter-Strike 2, hovering around 150 fps with low visual effects but dropping to approximately 120 fps in more intense shooting sequences. Games like DOTA2, manageable even on a toaster, haven’t been tested, while something like Team Fortress 2 would probably feel like a hitch in the eye. This ultimately indicates the necessity for a robust computer setup to fully enjoy this monitor.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (16)


AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Review Conclusion

Setting aside momentarily the price of the AGON Pro AG276QZD, it presents itself as a superior, vivid, bright, and space-efficient monitor. It comes with decent speakers, all necessary cables, and VESA adapters. For gaming purposes, the AGON Pro AG276QZD would be a delight, designed entirely to deliver a perfect visual experience during gameplay.

AOC AGON Pro AG276QZD Gaming Monitor (17)

For daily office use, working extensively with Excel and Word alongside the AGON Pro AG276QZD might not be ideal due to the lack of sharpness caused by the mentioned white sub-pixel. The manufacturer strictly advises against using the AGON Pro AG276QZD continuously for more than 4 hours, essentially eliminating its viability as an office monitor. The extensive conditions in the OLED burn-in warranty further indicate that the manufacturer might not be inclined to honor claims if any pixel burn-in occurs.

Overall, the AGON Pro AG276QZD is an unforgiving gaming monitor, unparalleled in aesthetics. However, its inflexibility limits its use, making it less than suitable for Excel wizards or programmers, who might prefer adding another (recommended) 4K IPS monitor.

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