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iOS 17.2 Update: All Changes and Improvements in the Latest iPhone and iPad Update

As iOS 17.2 gears up for its imminent release, let’s delve into the anticipated changes coming to Apple’s devices. Just hours or days away from its launch, the curtain has been lifted on the new features set to grace Apple devices in an update highlighted by the introduction of the Apple Journal app, unveiled alongside the much-awaited iOS 17.

In this article, we’ll detail the new functionalities and all the other updates that have landed with this release. To keep it succinct and comprehensive at a glance, we’ll present these updates in a list format.

iOS 17.2 Updates

Let’s dive into the list of enhancements and novelties arriving on iPhones and iPads with the iOS 17.2 update. Though not an extensive list, this update brings forth quite significant innovations.

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  • Apple Journal App

The long-anticipated app by Apple finally makes its debut. This app allows users to maintain a personal journal on their mobile devices, jotting down daily experiences and incorporating maps, photos, or other elements from native apps to vividly capture life’s moments. This feature grants the ability to reminisce and reflect on past experiences at will.

  • Alert Customization

Now, users can personalize the tone of alerts configured on their devices, even creating custom vibration patterns for them.

  • Recording Video with Special Audio

An exclusive function for the Phone 15 Pro and iPhone 15 Pro Max, enabling the recording of videos with spatial audio. Essentially, it equips users with a recorder featuring spatial Dolby Atmos sound, catering to content creation for the Apple Vision Pro.

  • Instant Voice Translation via Action Button

Among the novelties for the iPhone 15 and 15 Pro is an action button, replacing the mute button, configurable to various functions. Now included among these functions is automatic voice translation.

iOS 17.2 Update Features include Apple Journal App for iPhone and iPads
Image Source: GSMARENA
  • Message Reactions

iMessage now incorporates the option to react to messages, a feature already prevalent in other messaging apps.

  • New Widgets

Three new weather widgets are introduced: details, daily forecast, and sunrise/sunset timings. Additionally, a new clock widget with a digital clock design has been added.

  • Emergency Location Detection

Emergency alerts can now transmit an iPhone’s approximate location. Users can activate this feature in Settings > Notifications > Emergency Alerts > Location Detection.

  • Enhanced Memoji Customization

Users can now customize more aspects of their memoji’s body, including waist, shoulders, chest, and arms.

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How to Update to iOS 17.2

Updating to this latest version is akin to prior operating system updates on your iPhone or iPad, initiated by a notification indicating its availability. Tapping on the notification will direct you to the screen where you can update.

For a manual update search, navigate to your device’s settings. Once there, access the General section and tap on the Software Update option. This will lead you to the screen where you can search for new OS versions, and you only need to tap the update button.

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