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The PS4 Pro Hosts A Hidden Turbo Mode – Here’s How To Activate It

While the PS4 Pro may now be considered an aging console, it still delivers solid performance today. With a simple trick, you can push its capabilities further and fully unleash the potential of your PS4 Pro in Boost Mode.

The PS4 Pro’s Boost Mode: What Does It Offer?

About three years after the original PS4’s launch, Sony introduced the upgraded PlayStation 4 Pro to the market. Thanks to the added hardware power, some games could be displayed in higher resolution or frame rates, prompting many players to swap their old consoles for the new variant.

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However, this enhancement was primarily noticeable in games released after the new console or those retroactively optimized with a corresponding patch. But what about older games that weren’t optimized for the PlayStation 4 Pro? Can they also benefit from the additional performance? Yes, at least partially.

To achieve this, PS4 Pro players need to activate the Boost Mode in the settings.

How to Activate Boost Mode

  • Open the settings menu on your PS4 Pro.
  • Navigate to the System submenu.
  • You’ll find the Boost-Mode option, which can be activated by pressing the X button (Source: PlayStation).

Once you’ve activated Boost Mode, especially games with variable frame rates or dynamic resolution should run smoother and sharper on your PS4 Pro. This includes titles like The Witcher 3, Bloodborne, Project Cars, or Doom. Loading times might also decrease with some luck. However, those emphasizing faster loading times should consider replacing the PS4 Pro’s hard drive with an SSD.

Boosting The PS4 Pro Isn’t Always The Best Choice

While the Boost Mode of the PS4 Pro can overall enhance performance or improve image quality in unoptimized games, PS4 Pro players should note one thing: the Boost-Mode might cause graphic glitches and issues.

If you notice graphical errors while playing with Boost Mode activated, deactivate it – often, this can resolve the problems. Despite being a long-standing feature of the PlayStation 4 Pro, many players are still unaware of the Boost Mode and don’t realize that it could be compromising their console’s performance. So, next time you fire up an old PS4 game, quickly enable Boost Mode in the settings beforehand – if you haven’t already.

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