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Half-Life Celebrates Its 25th Anniversary By Releasing An Update Packed With New Content And A Documentary

Valve’s inaugural title, pivotal to the gaming industry’s evolution, marks a quarter-century milestone. To honor this 25th Anniversary, the company has rolled out an update featuring fresh content, graphic tweaks, restored elements, and support for Steam Deck, among other enhancements. Additionally, Valve has unveiled a documentary gathering key members of the original development team. For those yet to own Half-Life, a free copy can be claimed on Steam until November 20th.

The 25th Anniversary Update of Half-Life Includes the Following Content:

  • Half-Life Uplink, a mini-campaign initially distributed via CDs through magazines and hardware manufacturers, created just after the game hit the gold phase.
  • Four new multiplayer maps—Contamination, Pool Party, Disposal, and Rocket Frenzy—crafted by Valve’s level designers, pushing beyond Half-Life’s engine limitations.
  • Graphic adjustments such as panoramic field of view, the option to disable texture smoothing, lighting corrections, and software rendering on Linux.
  • Controller support and Steam Networking integration.
Half Life 25th Anniversary Update and Documentary
Ivan the Space Biker and Proto-Barney
  • Enhanced support for Steam Deck, featuring improved controls and interface.
  • Redesigned user interface tailored for larger screens.
  • Restored content, including the classic Valve logo video and its accompanying music.
  • Ivan the Space Biker and Proto-Barney, original heroes from Half-Life’s alpha versions, available as multiplayer skins.
  • The content from the Half-Life: Further Data disc, encompassing three multiplayer maps.

To celebrate 25th anniversary, Valve gathered the original team to reminisce about the development process. This involves recounting Valve’s early days as a company endeavoring to create its debut game, covering all aspects of the title—from technology and character design to weapons, sound, levels, narrative, and post-launch. The documentary features Mike Harrington and Gabe Newell, Valve’s co-founders, along with various developers who contributed to Half-Life, including level designer Dave Riller, artists Chuck Jones and Harry Teasley, designer Greg Commer, and engineer Jay Stelley.

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