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HyperOS is coming: These Xiaomi phones will receive the update first

It won’t be long until the Chinese manufacturer Xiaomi replaces its MIUI with HyperOS. In the first quarter of 2024, the first phones will be equipped with the new Android interface. It is now confirmed which phones will receive the update first.

Xiaomi: HyperOS coming in the first quarter of 2024

The wait for Xiaomi’s new operating system, HyperOS, has officially come to an end. The update will be distributed globally in the first quarter of 2024. HyperOS, based on Android 14, aims to not only enhance the design of the user interface but also renew the system apps and introduce some additional features.

The first lucky recipients of the update are owners of the models Xiaomi 13, Xiaomi 13 Pro, Xiaomi 13 Ultra, Xiaomi 13T Pro, Xiaomi 13T, Xiaomi 12T Pro, Xiaomi 12T, and Xiaomi 11T, as well as the Xiaomi Pad 6 tablet. Many more models from Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco are set to receive the update gradually (Source: GSMChina).

The new user interface has already been introduced with the Xiaomi 14 (Pro) and can also be found on the new Xiaomi Watch S3. Xiaomi promises with HyperOS an improved performance, a smoother user experience, and seamless connectivity across all Xiaomi devices.

Technically, Xiaomi has substantially improved HyperOS: the file system, memory management, and network system have been revised to better utilize hardware capabilities. Additionally, HyperOS integrates an AI subsystem.

Xiaomi plans to completely replace MIUI with HyperOS, which is certainly not just a simple rebranding but also brings some changes for the users. Although HyperOS shares many similarities with MIUI, the manufacturer speaks of a completely new experience.

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