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Major Discovery in Starfield: Base Building Will Be Completely Different

There’s only one thing to say: Starfield and space stations. Have you ever wanted to build and live in a space station? Well, now you can with a corresponding mod – although it’s based on the original code in the game.

Starfield Conceals the Construction of Space Stations: Mod is Already Available, DLC Hopefully Coming Soon

A modder has found something extremely exciting in the code of Starfield: the possibility to build not only bases on planets, but also space stations in space. As the modder vexthecollector reports, the entire code for building space stations was already present in the original game. The only problem was that there were many bugs and not everything worked perfectly (Source: Nexusmods).

So, vexthecollector took this partially finished code and improved some things. You can download the corresponding mod on Nexusmods, although there still seem to be some issues that the modder is working on (here is the link to the mod). For example, docking at the space station doesn’t work as it should yet.

Starfield Space Station Mod a

In addition to the mod itself, it’s quite interesting that the code already mostly existed in the game. So, Bethesda obviously intended to allow the construction of space stations – the studio just didn’t manage to implement it by the release. Either Bethesda plans to release an update to officially introduce space station construction into the game, or it’s planned for the upcoming DLC, Shattered Space.

First Mod Collections Tease the Future

While browsing Nexus Mods for Starfield, you now also come across entire mod collections that can be installed with just one click. For example, there’s the Constellation Collection, which improves the entire game in all areas with over 100 mods (link to the collection). There’s also the Odyssey Collection, which has so far focused on immersive gameplay (link to the collection).

The modding community for Starfield is still young. However, it likely won’t be long before the first massive mods come to light, allowing you to completely customize your gameplay experience in Starfield. Such collections should also save you the tedious process of collecting individual mods. Therefore, the future of Starfield remains extremely exciting.

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