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Her Name is Aitana, She’s an Influencer and Thrives on Instagram With Over 90 Thousand Followers, But She Doesn’t Exist: She’s an AI Model

Aitana Lopez’s profile on Instagram is a true internet phenomenon. It has been active for almost four months, but it already surpasses 90 thousand followers. In addition, the comments and likes multiply on each of her posts. A lover of gaming, fitness, and cosplay, . The truth is, She is an AI Model, there are no photo shoots, no makeup, no outfits, no travels, no coffees, concerts, or landscapes. There is also no flesh-and-blood influencer. What you are seeing is the result of increasingly advanced artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms along with the meticulous work of a Spanish advertising agency team.

A 100% Computer-Generated Model

Generative AI is evolving at a dizzying pace. In early 2021, we were amazed by the first version of DALL·E and its avocado-chair. Two years later, both OpenAI’s image generator and those of other companies have made such a leap that it is now possible to create photorealistic images almost indistinguishable from reality.

The Clueless: Pioneers in AI Model Representation

Some companies around the world have found a business opportunity in all of this. One of them is The Clueless, a firm with offices in Barcelona that presents itself as an agency for AI models representing various personalities. One of its co-founders, Diana Nuñez, tells us that the project arose with the idea of cutting costs for the client.

The possibility of using AI models, according to the creative, was originally conceived for brands and companies whose limited budget might make it difficult for them to afford all the elements that are usually part of a traditional advertising campaign. Starting from this premise, the company set out to create various model profiles using artificial intelligence.

Aitana Lopez AI Model a

Diverse Virtual Personalities: The Clueless Portfolio

“The result is a portfolio of virtual personalities that resonate deeply with the audience, reflecting a wide spectrum of identities, cultures, and stories,” says The Clueless. Each virtual model, they claim, has its own personality and essence. In addition to the aforementioned Aitana, we found Maia Lima, a young “independent and photography lover” from Buenos Aires.

Aitana Lopez AI Model b

The company itself acknowledges that their profiles are the product of meticulous work. “It takes a lot of clicks and prompts,” Nuñez comments, adding that when creating each of the AI models, market studies were conducted, taking into account a wide variety of parameters ranging from image stereotypes to musical, social, and cultural trends.

The Unveiled Illusion: Aitana’s Interaction with the World

The realism of Aitana or Maia has resulted in many people interacting with the profiles on Instagram apparently without knowing that it is a marketing product. Regarding this reality, the co-founder tells us that from the very beginning they have tried to make it clear that it is an AI profile: “It’s in the profile. We have never hidden it, we have not deceived or tricked anyone.”

Future Prospects and Collaborations

Asked if the project is yielding economic results, Nuñez assures that they are still in the process of recovering the initial investment that allowed them to launch the AI models and release their first two proposals. However, they have already done small collaborations. “The idea is for brands to dare to have a little more confidence in this model profile.

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