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GTA 6 Should Have Single-Player Expansions After the Base Game’s Release

Grand Theft Auto VI may have one of the few things missing in GTA 5: single-player expansions. Although Rockstar has not officially revealed the game yet, speculations continue to circulate on the internet, whether it’s about the technology used in the GTA 6 or its underlying story. However, a new rumor suggests that the DLC is already in the works at the studio.

Grand Theft Auto 6 is one of the most anticipated games of all time, but so far, we have no idea when the game will be properly unveiled. However, fans are hopeful that this will happen in the coming weeks, before the next financial results teleconference of Take-Two Interactive (the parent company of Rockstar Games).

The company previously stated that they are projecting a tremendously large surge in revenues between spring 2024 and early 2025, which would only be possible if GTA 6 were released during that period. They also mentioned their plans to release major titles during this period, and have been working on such projects for some time now.

Rockstar GTA 6

This week, one of the most reliable insiders on GTA-related matters, Tez2, accessed GTAForums and shared the information that Rockstar is already planning expansions for GTA 6. As fans probably already know, GTA 5 had a planned story DLC, but it was scrapped due to the success of GTA Online. It seems that history will not repeat itself this time, as Rockstar likely knows what to expect in terms of fan anticipation.

Rockstar had episodic content, also known as DLCs for solo players, planned for V long before its release. The plans changed in mid-2014. You may have heard about the three episodes they were planning, but there were more as well.

The point is, Rockstar was following the same plan they had for IV. The expansion of GTAO was unexpected. Now, for VI, it’s different. It won’t be unexpected.

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And from what we’ve heard and from what Jason Schreier has said, Rockstar is already following the same plan as before. Episodic content with new updates and map expansions. This would help alleviate the crisis. So I think we’ll see single-player updates as frequently as online updates. And the first major DLC within a year or two after the base game’s release.”

It is believed that GTA 6 scaled down its scope at some point during development to help developers avoid issues and deliver the game earlier, but it seems that this discarded content will not be left on the cutting room floor.

Are you looking forward to GTA 6?”

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