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Logitech unveils the first accessories for the PS5 Access controller.

It didn’t take long for manufacturers to reveal the first accessories designed for the PS5 Access controller. Logitech is preparing to launch a set of buttons and switches to be connected to the jack ports of the device.

In general, it’s when a new console is released that manufacturers rush to launch gaming peripherals suitable for the new machine – controllers, steering wheels, gaming headsets, and so on. Today, it’s the PS5 Access controller that manufacturers are gearing up to equip. Logitech is the first to do so with its adaptive kit for the Access controller, which should be available from the release of the controller on December 6, 2023.

This kit actually consists of four pairs of buttons: two light touch buttons, two small buttons, two large buttons, and two variable trigger controls. A Velcro pad is also provided to attach these elements as needed. A set of stickers helps you remember the function assigned to each switch. To use them, simply plug them into the Access controller using the jack ports it comes with. With two Access controllers, you can even connect all the switches from the kit.

PS5 Access Controller

An identical set is also available for the Xbox Adaptive Controller.

Although manufacturers are generally very responsive in releasing new products for gamers, it may come as a surprise that Logitech is launching this kit two months before the official release of the Access controller. However, the explanation is relatively simple. In fact, an absolutely similar kit had been offered after the release of the Xbox Adaptive Controller. The only structural variation between the two products appears to be the selection of stickers provided, as at the time, Logitech had included symbols inspired by Xbox controllers (A, B, X, Y).

But there is also a difference in price between the Xbox version and the PS5 version. Indeed, the former is sold for roughly $90 USD, while you can acquire the latter for $80 USD on the official website; it’s hard to explain the difference between the two, as the provided components appear to be completely identical.




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