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Starfield Has Cheat Codes on PC; See How to Use Them

There are hundreds of cheat codes available to players in Starfield on PC, which are a lifesaver for those looking to save time or facing difficulty in a specific situation in Bethesda’s game.

To use the codes, simply press the backtick key (‘), located to the left of the “1” key and above the “TAB” key on the keyboard. From there, you can input them, but be warned that certain codes disable the achievement acquisition.

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Currently, the codes only work in Starfield for PC.

Some of the Best Cheats of Starfield

tgm – Makes you invincible and provides infinite ammunition.

tim – You take damage but never die.

psb – Unlocks all available powers.

tdetect – NPCs can no longer detect you.

tcai – Enemies can no longer target you.

tcl – Allows you to pass through walls and objects.

killall – Kills all NPCs in your area.

kah – Kills all enemies in the area.

tm – Toggles the interface menus on/off.

tfc – Separates the camera from the player, allowing you to freely fly around the map.

unlock – Opens the door or container you are interacting with. To make the code work, you must be attempting to open a locked object.

showmenu sleepwaitmenu – Quick access to the wait menu, allowing you to adjust time more efficiently.

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Cheat Codes That Create Items

player.additem 0000000F 1000000 – Gives you 1 million credits.

player.placeatme 000547A3 1 – Grants the Breach Shotgun.

player.placeatme 0026D96D 1 – Grants the Urban Eagle Pistol.

player.placeatme 0007B2B9 1 – Grants the Legendary Spacesuit.

player.placeatme 0010A25E 1 – Grants the Legendary Helmet.

player.placeatme 0010A25D 1 – Grants the Legendary Pack.

Other cheat codes can be found at this link, via IGN.

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