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Microsoft Presents “Copilot” an AI Assistant Integrated into Windows 11

On September 21st, during the “Surface and AI event,” Microsoft unveiled several new Surface devices: the “Surface Laptop Studio 2” and “Surface Laptop Go 3” laptops, the “Surface Go 4″ tablet, and the touch-sensitive display Surface Hub 3” Additionally, the company shared several improvements to the Windows 11 operating system. Notably, there were many innovations in the field of Artificial Intelligence (AI). One of them is “Copilot,” an AI assistant set to be available to users on September 26th.

“Copilot” will be a part of the upcoming Windows 11 update and will be accessible within Microsoft Office applications, including “PowerPoint,” “Word,” and “Teams,” as well as the “Edge” web browser.

Since “Copilot” is integrated into Windows 11, it will be able to view applications, the web, and connected devices to gather necessary information and provide answers to queries, among other functions. For instance, a user can ask “Copilot” to find flight information based on phone messages or “Bing Chat” history, schedule meals for the next two weeks, create summaries based on “Word” documents, and much more.

In their demonstration video, Microsoft also showed how “Copilot” can help quickly organize desktop icons, create “Spotify” playlists, edit photos using “Google Magic Eraser,” shop for clothing using “Microsoft Shopping,” and other features.

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