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Black Shark Smartphones Receiving Update Shark Chan Virtual Assistant 5.0

Xiaomi‘s Black Shark smartphones will receive an update that includes new features for version 5.0 of the Shark Chan virtual assistant. The technology is based on Xiao AI and, in addition to addressing users as “Commander,” it offers several interactive features, such as setting alarms.

Shark Chan Virtual Assistant 5.0 with New “Back to School” Skin

With the update comes a new skin called “Back to School,” featuring rare accessories and functions. Version 5.0 of the assistant introduces a fresh user home page, allowing users to view personal information such as clothing and phone models.


The new patch arrives with “Prime Stone,” a rechargeable item that can be used to exchange rare costumes within the application. The company released the update on September 3rd, and it will be made available in small batches to users.

Shark Chan Virtual Assistant

Black Shark owners can open the Shark Chan app and check for updates to determine if they have received this patch.

Among other news from the brand, there are rumors that Xiaomi‘s next smartwatch, the Watch S3, will come with 4G connectivity and an upgraded battery.

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