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The Elder Scrolls VI concludes pre-production and is now in development

Bethesda’s Senior Vice President of Global Marketing and Communications, Pete Hines, has announced that The Elder Scrolls VI is now in development, after spending the past few years in pre-production and planning.

Speaking with reporters about the release of Starfield, Hines confirmed that the sequel to Skyrim has completed the pre-production and planning stage, and is now entering the production and development phase.

Hines was asked whether fans will hear more about The Elder Scrolls VI once Starfield is released, and he responded: ‘We’ve put all the focus of our studio into making this game the best it can be,’ he said.

‘And yes, there are people working on The Elder Scrolls VI, but that’s what the studio is focused on. So no, you won’t be hearing about The Elder Scrolls VI anytime soon. Starfield is our focus right now and will continue to be our priority for a while before we talk about anything else.’

When asked to confirm whether The Elder Scrolls VI was still in pre-production, Hines said: ‘No. It’s in development but in the early stages of development.

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