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Thunderbird 115.2.0 Released

The popular mail application, Thunderbird, is now available in a new version. Thunderbird 115.2.0 is now ready for download and installation. Take a moment to check and then proceed with installing the new version.

Thunderbird 115.2.0 is now available for Windows starting from version 7, macOS from version 10.12, and Linux from GTK+ 3.14. This new version addresses several issues.

Thunderbird 115.2.0 Changelog


Thunderbird MSIX packages are now published on


The Size, Unread, and Total columns are now right-aligned.

Newsgroup names in the message list header are now abbreviated.


The message compose window did not apply theme colors to menus.

Reading the second new message in a folder cleared the unread indicator of all other new messages.

The displayed counts of unread or flagged messages could become out-of-sync.

Deleting a message from the context menu with messages sorted in chronological order and smooth scroll enabled caused the message list to scroll to the top.

Repeatedly switching accounts in the Subscribe dialog caused the tree view to stop updating.

The “Ignore thread” feature caused message cards to display incorrectly in the message list.

Creating tags from the unified toolbar failed.

Cross-folder navigation using F and N did not work.

The Account Manager did not resize to fit content, causing the “Close” button to become hidden outside the bounds of the dialog when too many accounts were listed.

Remote content exceptions could not be added in Settings.

The newsgroup list file did not get updated after adding a new NNTP server.

The “Download all headers” option in the NNTP “Download Headers” dialog was incorrectly selected by default.

The “Convert to event/task” option was missing from the mail context menu.

Events and tasks were not shown in some cases despite being present on the remote server.

Various visual and UX improvements.

Security fixes.

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