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The Threads Web App – We might see its arrival this week

Threads have been actively enhancing its features in recent times, including the addition of options for setting notifications and viewing posts in chronological order. The platform has also taken steps to label state-controlled media outlets to combat propaganda dissemination. Additionally, app introduced a “repost” tab, simplifying the process of locating all reposted content. Interestingly, this change aligns with the renaming trend, as ‘X’ (formerly Twitter) also adopted the term “reposts.”

Timely Web Launch for Threads: A Boon for Social Media Enthusiasts


The introduction of a web version comes at an opportune moment for Threads. While it experienced a rapid initial surge with over 100 million users within its first week, daily active users (DAUs) decreased by 80 percent by mid-August. Nevertheless, Threads remains the most successful alternative to ‘X,’ which reported approximately 238 million DAUs in August 2023 and 364 million monthly active users based on data from the previous year.

The impending launch of a web version is expected to benefit social media power users, coinciding with ‘X’ placing one of its essential tools for this demographic, Tweetdeck, behind a paywall. This development in app aims to cater to the needs of those seeking a versatile and accessible social media experience.

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