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Rovio Entertainment purchased by Sega – Deal closed at $776 million

Sega Sammy Holdings has completed its acquisition of Rovio Entertainment, the creative game developer behind the globally loved Angry Birds franchise. This purchase was officially sealed with a substantial payment of $776 million. The initial discussions about this deal surfaced in April, but it took some time for all the necessary formalities and regulatory approvals to be wrapped up.

Sega informed that Rovio’s leadership had “agreed to and expressed support towards the Tender Offer”. It is expected that the deal will be closed by September. Tweet by the Sega official handle was “Welcome to the Sega family, Rovio! Despite the waning popularity of the Angry Birds craze, which peaked around 15 years ago, Sega purchased Rovio’s expertise and overall infrastructure to maintain its presence in the mobile gaming market.

However, Rovio’s contribution to the gaming sector is beyond “Angry Birds”, Rovio Entertainment in past has introduced other games such as Sugar Blast, a match-three puzzle game, and Small Town Murders, an engaging narrative-driven mystery title. While these may not have achieved the same level of recognition as Angry Birds, they contribute valuable diversity to the company’s acquisition.

What adds a new layer of significance to this acquisition is the holistic package that Rovio brings to the table. This infrastructure equips Sega with a readymade setup to swiftly create, introduce, and market mobile games based on its well-loved franchises, including the likes of Sonic, Samba de Amigo, Persona, and Football Manager. Furthermore, there’s potential to revive and adapt numerous classic games for the mobile platform, enhancing Sega’s library of offerings.

Haruki Satomi, the group CEO of Sega Sammy Holdings and president, expressed his enthusiasm for the mobile gaming sector back in April. “Among the rapidly growing global gaming market, the mobile gaming market has especially high potential, and it has been the company’s long-term goal to accelerate its expansion in this field.”

Sega Sammy’s Acquisition Even Has a Restaurant in Newyork

iSwii by Angry Birds Retail Cafe

Even though people were excited about Angry Birds at first, that excitement has calmed down now, it remains a valuable brand with a multimedia presence, spanning movies, TV shows, and even a unique restaurant in New York City. The integration of Angry Birds with Sega’s iconic blue hedgehog character, Sonic, carries the potential to rekindle interest and reignite the collective consciousness around the mobile gaming sensation. Imagine the fun of catapulting characters like Knuckles into structures teeming with pigs, resonating with fans old and new alike.

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