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Google Developing ‘Link Your Devices’ Feature for Enhanced Connectivity

Google is allegedly working on a feature to help you connect your devices better “Link Your Devices.” This will make it easy for your Android devices, like phones and tablets for interconnection when they’re using the same Google account. It’s a bit like what Apple does with their devices, letting them work together admired by Apple’s audience.

Apple gave Google the idea for this. Apple has a feature where you can use your iPhone to make calls on your other devices like Macs and iPads, as long as they’re all on the same Apple account. Google’s “Link Your Devices” wants to do something similar for Android devices.

A person who knows a lot about Android, Mishaal Rahman, explained more about this new feature. He said that when it’s ready, you’ll find “Link Your Devices” in your device’s settings, under Google > Devices & Sharing. This will help you switch between your devices smoothly when you’re on a call or sharing the internet.

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One interesting thing is that Google talked about a tool for developers at a conference. This tool could help with switching calls between devices without any problems.

But, there’s something different between Google’s idea and Apple does. With Apple, you can only use your iPhone to make and get calls on other devices. But with Google’s “Call Switching,” you might be able to use other linked devices, like a Pixel Tablet or another phone, to answer calls too. So, if you answer a call on one device, you could easily switch it to another device.

The “Link Your Devices” option should show up in the settings under Settings > Google > Devices & Sharing when Google is ready to release it.

This “Link Your Devices” thing could change how you use your gadgets. It will let your devices share stuff and talk to each other, all under your Google account. This might make using technology even more convenient and connected.

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