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Spotify DJ By Spotify – Will It Be Music To Ears? Releasing in 50 More Countries

In February of this year, the music streaming service “Spotify” announced a new feature based on artificial intelligence (AI) technology called “Spotify DJ,” which provides an even more personalized music listening experience. Initially, the AI DJ was available to “Spotify Premium” users in the United States and Canada, but after six months, the company is finally expanding its availability and offering it in 50 more countries worldwide.

By activating the “Spotify DJ” option, users can listen to specially curated tracks chosen by the AI DJ based on the listener’s taste and previously played content. In addition, users receive informative summaries about the specific song and artist. In the development of this new feature, “Spotify” utilized the technology of “OpenAI,” the same technology powering “ChatGPT,” as well as the realistic speech representation platform from the acquired company “Sonantic.”

Spotify DJ – Beta Version Available in English

Still in its beta version, the “Spotify DJ” feature is currently only available in the English language, meaning that the information provided by the DJ will be in English only. On August 8th, the company made it available in various European countries, as well as in Asia, Africa, Australia, and New Zealand – a total of 50 new countries. The selection of tracks by the AI DJ is not yet accessible in Latvia, but it is expected that “Spotify DJ” will reach other parts of the world a bit later.

To use Spotify DJ on the mobile app, => Home =< and filter by Music =>click the big blue DJ button. Otherwise, just go to Search => Made For You – DJ. Spotify will automatically switch you there.

Source: Engadget

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