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Meta Stops Releasing Security Patches for the Quest 1 Headset

Meta has sent an email titled “Changes to Quest 1” to Meta Quest 1 users. In this email, the company warns that starting in August, it will no longer support the system software or release new security patches for this headset. This decision comes just over a year after new features were last offered for the Meta Quest 1, a hardware launched in 2019 and discontinued from sales since 2020.

The email from Meta states:

“We’d like to let you know that starting 31st August 2024, we will no longer provide bug fixes or security updates for Meta Quest 1 headsets,”

It also mentions that users can continue downloading new applications and using existing ones, as long as developers support them. However, any future security vulnerabilities could potentially compromise private data stored on or accessible from the device.

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Among the developers discontinuing support for Meta Quest 1 is Beat Games. This studio, owned by Meta, announced in May that from November 2, it would no longer support Beat Saber for Meta Quest 1. This means users can still play the game but will no longer receive updates or have access to multiplayer mode.

Meta Stops Releasing Security Patches for Quest 1 Headset (1)

Meta explains that this decision follows its January 2023 announcement to cease implementing new features for Meta Quest 1. At that time, users were informed that Meta intended to continue maintaining the system software with bug fixes and security patches until 2024. Now, the cutoff date has been confirmed as August. Additionally, Meta noted that users of this headset would no longer have access to social functions in Meta Horizon Home, such as inviting other users.

“We’re excited about the future of Meta Quest and looking forward to providing you with more groundbreaking MR experiences.”


Concludes the message from Meta.

Currently, the Meta Quest family includes Meta Quest 3, which became available in October 2023 for 549 euros. Looking ahead, there are rumors of a revised Meta Quest 3 with a more affordable device and the successor to Quest Pro.

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