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Samsung Is Going to Add a Long-Awaited Function to Its Phones

Samsung has responded to user feedback by considering a much-anticipated feature, as reported by SamMobile. The South Korean company is exploring the addition of App Lock to One UI 7, aiming to enhance overall data privacy by allowing users to easily lock individual applications.

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Although not a new concept, App Lock has been available for years in other interface customizations and third-party apps. Samsung appears to recognize the necessity of integrating this functionality directly into its own software. While specifics on its implementation remain unclear, it is expected to resemble existing options offered by competitors.

Despite its simplicity, there are various ways to implement this function. Samsung is likely to enable users to lock apps using a password, PIN, pattern, face unlock, and fingerprint. Biometric methods like face unlock and fingerprint scanning are particularly secure and appealing.

The leak emerged alongside a screenshot of the upcoming One UI 7 software, set to accompany Samsung’s Android 15 phones. The screenshot reveals a section of the settings menu referencing ‘App Lock’, a widely recognized name for this feature, coincidentally also used by the most popular app on Google Play designed for locking applications.

Block WhatsApp or Instagram on your Samsung

What does this function do? It’s quite simple: it lets you lock individual applications. This means every time you open WhatsApp, Instagram, or any game, your device will prompt you to enter your password or use your fingerprint.

It’s a great way to enhance your privacy for specific apps, especially if others frequently have access to your device and you want to restrict their access to certain areas. This feature is generally versatile, allowing you to lock games, the gallery, the settings app, WhatsApp, YouTube, or any other app you have installed on your Samsung device.

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Available Only To A Few

Samsung Going to Add a Long Awaited Function to Its Phones

Now, there’s some controversy brewing because Samsung plans to introduce App Lock with One UI 7, making it available only to a specific segment of its lineup. While this is a very basic feature that could be used on any mobile phone, even older or more affordable models, the company is restricting it to upcoming releases and updated devices.

The good news is, if your Samsung device doesn’t upgrade to One UI 7, you can still get this feature. Simply download AppLock from the Google Play Store and set it up easily. In fact, even if you currently own a Samsung device, you don’t need to wait for the next software update—you can start locking individual applications right away.

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