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Tekken 8 Announces Lidia as Next DLC Fighter, Along with Free Content and Additional Features

Bandai Namco has unveiled the identity of Tekken 8’s second DLC character, along with plans for free updates and forthcoming announcements.

Lidia Sobieski is slated to become the newest addition to the roster, expected to debut during the Brazilian winter. This character initially emerged as downloadable content in Tekken 7, assuming the role of Poland’s Prime Minister and a skilled practitioner of karate.

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While Lidia will be available for purchase, Bandai Namco has assured players of forthcoming complimentary updates for Tekken 8. Battle tweaks are imminent, with the introduction of the new Seaside Resort stage and a Photo mode scheduled for release in the coming months.

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Furthermore, the game is set to receive additional narrative content centered around Eddy Gordo, marking Tekken 8’s inaugural DLC. Subsequent updates will introduce features such as online training and Ghost vs Ghost mode.

Tekken 8 Announces Lidia as Next DLC Fighter, Along with Free Content and Additional Features

Although Tekken 8 garnered widespread acclaim from both critics and fans upon its January release, it has faced backlash over its heightened monetization. Barely a month post-launch, Bandai Namco introduced microtransactions via the Tekken Shop, offering items for real-world currency.

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In April, the company unveiled the Tekken Fight Pass, introducing games-as-a-service elements to Tekken 8 through a Battle Pass system. This move elicited frustration from players who had already invested in the game and its DLCs, feeling compelled to shell out additional funds for access to new resources.

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