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MSI Shifts Priority to Nvidia Graphics Cards over AMD

Finding an MSI Radeon RX-7000 is getting harder. MSI says they’re focusing more on Nvidia GeForce graphics cards now.

MSI informed Hardwareluxx that they will prioritize Nvidia GeForce graphics cards in the future, giving them preferential treatment. However, this doesn’t imply the cessation of AMD cards; MSI considers their collaboration with AMD “essential and very relevant.” They particularly highlight positive developments in the partnership for motherboards with AMD processors.

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MSI’s availability of graphics cards with AMD Radeon GPUs has recently plummeted in Europe and Australia, while discount campaigns in the USA suggest the manufacturer’s urgency to clear inventory. Currently, MSI has launched only four models based on AMD’s RDNA 3 architectures.

The manufacturer notably excludes the Radeon RX 7800 XT and RX 7700 XT from its lineup, with no plans apparent for such cards. This omission is particularly unusual in the price range of 300 to 500 euros, where most graphics cards are typically sold. According to Videocardz, MSI offers 147 GeForce graphics cards, indicating a clear focus.

MSI is Not Alone in Prioritization for Nvidia Graphics Cards

MSI Shifts Priority to Nvidia Graphics Cards over AMD (1)

MSI is not alone in prioritizing Nvidia cards. Asus, for instance, has only 19 RX-7000 graphics cards for every 100 GeForce RTX-40 models, while Gigabyte offers 86 to 12 models. Traditional AMD board partners like Sapphire, Powercolor, and XFX, however, exclusively produce AMD graphics cards.

Analyzing the distribution of manufacturers in the Steam hardware survey, it’s evident why many have reduced interest in AMD graphics cards. Nvidia’s market dominance results in significantly higher market share, making sales of the Radeon RX 7000 series insufficient for diverse product lines. Rumors suggest AMD won’t release high-end GPUs for the RDNA 4 generation, potentially not a setback considering the success of the Polaris series (Radeon RX 400/500).

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