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AMD Ryzen 9000 ‘Strix Halo’ Notebook Chips Leak with Zen 5 CPU and High AI Performance

AMD is expected to launch its next generation of chips for high-performance notebooks in the second half of this year. Despite efforts to keep the project secret, several leaks have revealed possible details of the new hardware. This Thursday (25), a leaker disclosed new information about these processors.

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A supposed official document from the manufacturer, leaked by user Izzukias, revealed some of the highlights. Among these details are the new Zen 5 architecture and a significant advancement in AI performance.

“Strix” will be a line of processors for notebooks utilizing AMD’s hybrid design, which combines cores based on the Zen 5 and Zen 5c architectures. This design ensures greater energy efficiency, ideal for light and thin models focusing on long battery life without compromising performance.

“Strix Halo,” on the other hand, will include the fastest new generation mobile processors from AMD. These models will operate with high power and more advantageous hardware resources to ensure peak performance for gamers, developers, graphics editing professionals, and other user profiles.

According to the leaked document, these will be the line configurations:

Ryzen 9050 Strix and Ryzen 9050 Strix Halo configuration

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It is speculated that processors with an integrated 40-core GPU will have graphics performance close to that of an NVIDIA GeForce RTX 4070 Mobile, which is a dedicated graphics card. Furthermore, a new AI coprocessor is expected to guarantee computing power of up to 60 TOPS. In comparison, the Ryzen 8040 line only reaches 16 TOPS.

While the “Strix” line maintains the monolithic design that includes all components in a single matrix, the “Strix Halo” will utilize AMD’s chiplet design. This architecture divides the processor into different blocks specialized in different tasks, with two complexes of computing cores and a block of controllers for input and output.

Both lines will support DisplayPort 2.1 HBR3 and DisplayPort 2.1 UHBR10, in addition to USB-C Alt-DP and USB4 Alt-DP with the UHBR10 standard. However, the “Strix Halo” will be highlighted by also being compatible with the DisplayPort 2.1 UHBR20 standard.

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AMD is expected to reveal details about its future generation of notebook processors during Computex 2024, an event that will take place from June 3 in Taiwan.

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