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Google Says Goodbye to Google One VPN: What You Need to Know?

Google is shutting down its Google One VPN service, citing minimal user engagement. The decision, confirmed by Google, marks the end of a four-year journey for the VPN feature. According to 9to5Google, Google stated that users simply weren’t utilizing the service enough to justify its continuation.

The Google One VPN was introduced in 2020 as an enhancement to Google’s premium plans. Initially available only to higher-tier memberships, it was later extended to all paid subscriptions, including the basic plan priced at 1.99 euros per month. The aim was to offer users a built-in VPN solution without the need to resort to potentially unreliable free services or incur additional expenses on third-party VPN providers.

Closure Announcement

While Google has not specified an exact date, the closure of Google One VPN is expected within the coming months, likely before the end of 2024. All users with Google One account will lose access to the VPN service once the shutdown takes effect.

Features and Limitations of Google One VPN

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  • Easy activation with one-touch pause functionality.
  • Enhanced security, particularly on public WiFi networks.
  • However, the inability to select server regions limits its usefulness for bypassing location restrictions on streaming services like Netflix.

Reasons for Minimal Usage

The lack of interest in the Google One VPN can be attributed primarily to its inability to bypass location restrictions for streaming content. Unlike other VPN services, Google One VPN does not allow users to choose the region of the servers they connect to, thereby limiting its appeal to users seeking access to geo-blocked content.

Alternative for Pixel Users

Pixel smartphone users have access to the ‘VPN Pixel’ service, introduced in 2022 with the launch of Pixel 7 and further strengthened with the Pixel 8. This free VPN service offers protection for device actions, but it is exclusive to Pixel smartphones and does not extend to other devices such as computers or tablets. Google has confirmed that this service will remain effective for at least five years from its launch, providing an alternative VPN solution for Pixel users.

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