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New iPads Are Said To Be Delayed Due To OLED Displays.

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The iPad Air and new iPad Pro are expected to come onto the market later than expected. The reason is the OLED displays on the Pro model.

Apple fans may have to wait a little longer than expected for the release of the latest iPad Pro and iPad Air models. According to a recent report from Bloomberg , Apple plans to launch the devices only in early May 2024. There were previously rumors that the new tablets would come onto the market at the end of March or beginning of April.

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Bloomberg reports that manufacturing the new OLED screens for the iPad Pro is causing difficulties. The screen technology is said to be one of the most important selling points for the new iPad Pro.

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Apple is also expected to use the M3 as its SoC, but the OLED with deeper blacks, more vibrant colors and a better contrast ratio than previous technology will be the main selling point. However, the manufacturing process for these screens is more complex and time-consuming than expected, Bloomberg reports.

In addition to the new displays, the upcoming iPad Pro will feature a slimmer design, according to previous rumors. The new tablet will come onto the market together with a new Magic Keyboard and a revised Apple Pencil.

The iPad Air will still have a classic display, but will also come onto the market for the first time as a 12.9-inch model. Previously there were only Pro models in this size.

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