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MSI Unveils BIOS Update, Boosting Intel Core i9-14900KS to 6.4 GHz

MSI has introduced a groundbreaking BIOS update, enabling overclocking profiles for the Intel Core i9-14900KS CPU. With this update, users can push the processor’s performance to 6.4 GHz, surpassing its standard boost clock of 6.2 GHz.

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The updated BIOS, spotted by chi11eddog on Twitter, offers a one-click 6.4 GHz overclock for the Core i9-14900KS, a 200 MHz increase from its standard boost clock. This simplified overclocking process eliminates the need for manual tuning, making it accessible to users of all skill levels.

Core i9-14900KS Description and MSI’s Update

The Core i9-14900KS, described as a selectively binned version of the Core i9-14900K, boasts slightly elevated clock speeds, reducing variability in performance outcomes associated with overclocking. MSI’s BIOS update will elevate the Core i9-14900KS’s performance to new heights.

Performance Enhancement with New BIOS

one click 6.4 GHz overclock for the Core i9 14900KS
Source: chi11eddog


The Core i9-14900KS is expected to achieve unprecedented performance in gaming and content creation tasks, reaching 6.4 GHz on the P-Core. This significant increase in clock speeds promises tangible improvements in processing power and responsiveness.

Compatibility and Minor Firmware Updates

Minor firmware updates from motherboard manufacturers will ensure optimal compatibility with existing LGA1700 motherboards equipped with 600- or 700-series chipsets. Existing LGA1700 motherboards are anticipated to be compatible with the Core i9-14900KS.

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Leaks and Pricing Details

Rumors suggest a release date around March 14, with detailed reviews and analyses expected shortly after. The pricing for the Core i9-14900KS is somewhat uncertain, with a recent Micro Center listing exposing a $749 price tag, reflecting its premium specifications and guaranteed higher performance threshold.

Limitations of Overclocking Option

Achieving and sustaining a clock speed of 6.4 GHz requires robust cooling solutions and adequate power delivery, as the Core i9-14900KS can draw over 400 Watts at stock settings. While the BIOS update offers significant performance gains, users must ensure proper cooling to maintain stability.

Anticipated Release Date and Reviews

Enthusiasts eagerly await the release of the Core i9-14900KS, with detailed reviews and analyses expected to emerge shortly after its launch. Tech enthusiasts are poised to put the Core i9-14900KS through its paces, testing its overclocking capabilities and overall performance despite not receiving samples from Intel.

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