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Xiaomi Just Warned Users: A Recent Update Can Make Your Phone Stop Working

Xiaomi has officially acknowledged a critical error in one of its recent updates, potentially leaving users with non-functional mobile phones. The announcement was made via the company’s official Twitter account on March 1, 2024.

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The error, identified by Xiaomi, manifests as a reboot loop after users download the latest version of the System UI Plugin application. Specifically, this issue affects Xiaomi, Redmi, and Poco phones running MIUI. The update, which should only be applied to devices with HyperOS, Xiaomi’s latest operating system, renders older customization layers incompatible.

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Xiaomi’s Response

In response to the situation, Xiaomi has taken swift action by removing the problematic updates from all online sources. The company acknowledges that while the error only impacts a small percentage of devices, there is currently no straightforward solution for affected users. Xiaomi advises against attempting self-repair to avoid potential data loss.

Xiaomi Recommended Actions

Affected users are urged to reach out to official after-sales channels for assistance. Xiaomi reassures users that repair methods are being developed rapidly to address the issue. Additionally, the update has been halted and is no longer available for download from GetApps, Xiaomi’s application store.

The extent of the error’s impact and the exact resolution remain unclear. It is uncertain whether users will need to seek technical support for repairs. In conclusion, while Xiaomi works to resolve the issue, users are reminded that smartphones with HyperOS can safely update the plugin without encountering the reported problem.

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