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Motorola’s New Moto G Play 2024 Undergoes Rigorous Durability and Dismantling Tests

Released as Motorola’s latest entry-level smartphone in mid-January, the Moto G Play 2024 has been subjected to comprehensive durability and dismantling assessments. These tests, aimed at evaluating the device’s resilience and internal components, were documented in a video released on Wednesday (28th) on the JerryRigEverything channel.

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The durability examination involved subjecting the smartphone to scratches, exposure to fire, and bending to assess its durability. Additionally, the dismantling process, commonly referred to as teardown, revealed the internal structure of the device. Check out the video below:

The video demonstration revealed that the Moto G Play 2024 exhibited minimal screen scratches only after encountering a tool with a hardness level of 6. However, due to its plastic construction, the sides and back of the device were susceptible to easy detachment.

In a test involving exposure to a lit lighter, the device displayed a black spot on the screen after just nine seconds, though it subsequently recovered. Impressively, the Moto G Play 2024 sustained no cracks despite being subjected to bending.

During the dismantling phase, notable findings included the absence of water protection for the speaker and challenges associated with removing the battery. Moreover, the teardown unveiled the presence of thermal protection beneath the motherboard, aimed at preventing overheating.

Currently, the Moto G Play 2024 is exclusively available in the United States and Canada, with no official announcement regarding its availability in other markets.

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