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Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 brings New Game+ and new costumes on March 7

The long-awaited update for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 will arrive on PlayStation 5 on March 7 , promising to enrich players’ experience with a series of exciting new features. Developed by Insomniac Games , update 1002 will introduce new features, including New Game+ mode, exclusive Hellfire Gala costumes , and significant accessibility improvements.

Spider-Man 2

In New Game+ mode , players will be able to embark on a new adventure, keeping the costumes and skills acquired in previous games, while taking on more difficult challenges. This modality also unlocks Ultimate difficulty levels , Golden Gadget styles , among other new features, taking the gaming experience to a new level.

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In terms of customization , the update will bring new options for Peter Parker ‘s symbiote suits , allowing players greater visual freedom. Additionally, in an inclusion and diversity initiative , Insomniac Games has teamed up with Marvel Games and the non-profit organization Gameheads to release two exclusive costumes: the Fly Suit for Peter and the Fresh Suit for Miles Morales . A portion of the profits made from these costumes will go to Gameheads , supporting their goal of fostering the inclusion of low-income and ethnically diverse youth in the video game industry.

For virtual photography lovers, the update enhances Photo Mode with new features, such as action figure mode and customizable stickers, as well as allowing time of day adjustments to capture perfect images under different lighting conditions.

With an emphasis on accessibility , new features have been added to make Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 even more inclusive. By implementing Audio Descriptions and Screen Reader , Insomniac Games demonstrates its commitment to creating a welcoming gaming experience for everyone.

This update represents a significant step forward for Marvel’s Spider-Man 2 , not only by expanding its content, but also by strengthening values ​​such as inclusion and diversity in the video game universe.

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