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Guide: How to Defeat Darkrai in Pokemon Go Raids

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Darkrai is back in Pokemon Go raids, and trainers are gearing up for the challenge. With its reappearance, it’s time to prepare with the best strategies and counters. Here’s everything you need to know to conquer Darkrai and emerge victorious in the latest raid battles.

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In the realm of Pokemon Go raids, Darkrai stands as a formidable opponent, but with the right knowledge and preparation, trainers can overcome this dark force. Understanding Darkrai’s weaknesses is crucial. As a pure Dark-type Pokemon, it is vulnerable to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy types. Avoid using Psychic or Ghost types, as they will prove ineffective against Darkrai. Armed with this knowledge, trainers can assemble a team of powerful counters to take down Darkrai with ease.

Darkai in Pokemon Go and Its Availability

Darkrai’s return to Pokemon Go raids brings excitement to trainers worldwide. Originally introduced in Generation 4 games, Darkrai has remained a fan favorite with its mysterious allure and formidable strength. Its availability in raids provides trainers with the opportunity to capture this elusive Pokemon and add it to their collection.

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From February 15 to February 20, Darkrai will make its presence known in 5-star Raid battles, offering trainers the chance to challenge themselves and test their skills. Raid Hour on February 19, from 6 to 7 p.m. local time, presents a prime opportunity to face off against Darkrai and potentially encounter its shiny form.

To Defeat Darkrai In Pokemon Go, Follow These Steps:

Identify Darkrai’s Weaknesses

Knowing Darkrai’s vulnerabilities to Fighting, Bug, and Fairy types is key to forming an effective battle strategy.

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Choose the Right Counters

To defeat Darkrai in Pokemon Go raids, trainers must choose the right counters to exploit its weaknesses effectively. Here are some recommended counters along with their details:


  • Type: Rock/Fighting
  • Moveset: Double Kick, Sacred Sword

Terrakion’s dual Rock/Fighting typing and powerful Charged Move, Sacred Sword, make it an excellent choice to counter Darkrai. With high Attack stat, Terrakion can deal significant damage and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Gardevoir/Mega Gardevoir

  • Type: Psychic/Fairy (Mega Gardevoir)
  • Moveset: Charm, Dazzling Gleam

Gardevoir and its Mega Evolution, Mega Gardevoir, bring a combination of Psychic and Fairy-type moves to the battle. With moves like Charm and Dazzling Gleam, they can exploit Darkrai’s weakness to Fairy-type attacks and deal heavy damage.

Machamp (Shadow)

  • Type: Fighting
  • Moveset: Counter, Dynamic Punch

Machamp, especially in its Shadow form, is a powerhouse when it comes to Fighting-type moves. With Counter and Dynamic Punch, it can deliver devastating blows to Darkrai and quickly deplete its health.


  • Type: Bug/Fairy
  • Moveset: Fairy Wind, Dazzling Gleam

Enamorus’s Bug/Fairy typing gives it an advantage against Darkrai. Moves like Fairy Wind and Dazzling Gleam can exploit Darkrai’s weaknesses and help secure victory in the raid battle.

Rayquaza (Shadow)/Mega Rayquaza

  • Type: Dragon/Flying (Shadow) / Dragon/Flying (Mega Rayquaza)
  • Moveset: Dragon Tail, Dragon Ascent

Rayquaza, especially in its Shadow or Mega form, brings Dragon and Flying-type moves to the battle. With powerful moves like Dragon Tail and Dragon Ascent, it can deal significant damage to Darkrai and turn the tide of battle in your favor.

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Execute Your Strategy

Enter the raid battle with a well-prepared team of counters and unleash powerful moves to chip away at Darkrai’s health. Coordinate with fellow trainers to maximize your chances of success.

As trainers prepare to battle Darkrai, they must remember the importance of strategy, teamwork, and perseverance. With determination and the right counters at their disposal, victory against Darkrai is within reach for every trainer in the Pokemon Go community.

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