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GTA 6: The ‘Florida Joker’ Now Claims Rockstar Should Include Him in the Game

The first trailer of GTA 6 shook the world and broke several records after its release in early December. The game’s teaser, which will take the franchise back to Vice City, generated a lot of buzz for satirizing various real-life situations that have occurred in the United States in recent years, causing great uproar. Among them, the arrest of Lawrence Sullivan, who went viral in 2018 for his facial tattoos and green hair, earning him the nickname of the Florida Joker.

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Sullivan’s apprehension was parodied in the GTA 6 trailer through the inclusion of a very similar character. While the facial tattoos were different and the hair color was purple, it quickly became evident that Rockstar Games was making a direct reference to the aforementioned. And the Florida Joker didn’t overlook it.

Months ago, Sullivan made headlines for threatening Rockstar Games with a lawsuit for the use of his physical appearance in the GTA 6 trailer. Initially, he demanded $2 million from the studio, although the amount later rose to $10 million. A complaint that surely earned several laughs within the Take-Two Interactive-owned company, which never responded to the accusations.

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Now, through a TikTok post, the Florida Joker has once again sent a message to the creators of GTA 6. Sullivan stated that he does not intend to pursue the lawsuit against the company, although he still demanded financial compensation and inclusion in the new game.

@lawrence.sullivan0 Gta we got to talk #gta6 #fyp #jokerchallenge #jokerface #batman #fishing #beach #food #dog #sunset #life #joker #gta5 ♬ original sound – Lawrence Sullivan

The Florida Joker now wants to be part of GTA 6

Florida Joker Demands to Be Included in GTA 6 (1)

In his social media post, the Florida Joker left behind the million-dollar demand against Rockstar Games. However, he asked the studio for several thousand dollars and the possibility of lending his voice to the character that parodies him in GTA 6.

“GTA, Rockstar, Take-Two, we need to talk. I won’t sue you anymore, but you still owe me money. It’s been two full months. You still haven’t contacted me. You still haven’t sent me direct messages. Let’s do the right thing. Give me $50,000 or $100,000. Let me lend my voice to the character, let me go to fan events when the game is released, to sign autographs and take pictures with them. Come on, we’ve been in the news worldwide, on every blog. All the media talked about my presence in the game. Everyone knows who I am, trusts me. So GTA, Rockstar, we need to talk,” said Sullivan.

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The Florida Joker’s tirade didn’t stop there. In the video he uploaded to TikTok, he continued to ramble on about how his presence made GTA 6 more relevant, among other issues. At best, he has given Rockstar Games more reasons to continue mocking him.

Let’s keep in mind that it’s not even confirmed whether the character that parodies the Florida Joker in the GTA 6 trailer will have a prominent presence in the game. Although the first teaser of the title has been spectacular, we still don’t know what the story starring Jason and Lucia will be about, or how their interaction will be with the rest of the individuals who appear in chaotic Vice City.

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GTA 6 still doesn’t have a confirmed release date. Rockstar has only revealed that it will arrive in 2025, but there are no further official details. This week, Ubisoft’s CEO speculated that it might not hit the market until after April next year.

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