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New WhatsApp Feature Allows Blocking Spam Contacts Through Notification Pop-Up

WhatsApp received a feature this Friday (9th) that enhances privacy and security within the Meta messenger. With the new addition, app users can easily block and report unknown numbers even with the screen locked, directly from the navigation bar, avoiding the need to open the chat to then report the sender.

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This should be particularly useful to prevent numbers used in spamming from repeatedly contacting the owner of the genuine profile. Should one decide to report the person who sent the spam messages, the last five received texts will be forwarded to the company for analysis, potentially resulting in the suspension or banning of the sender.

There is still no information about the countries included in this new tool against unwanted messages on WhatsApp, so we’ll have to wait for future announcements. In addition to this privacy feature, the app also received in December last year the ability to send audios with single-viewing capability, previously restricted to photos and videos.

Check out the feature in operation below:

Despite Meta’s efforts to make the app more secure, there are still some security loopholes that make it a favorite target for scammers, especially for phishing scams. Usually, cybercriminals contact the victim through the platform and then carry out the fraud, which may involve requesting transfers via Pix and more.

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