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Meta: AI Videos to Be Labeled on Facebook

After incidents involving AI recordings of a purported Joe Biden, Meta introduces a new AI labeling system on Facebook.

At the Facebook conglomerate Meta, users will now be required to indicate if they are publishing misleadingly realistic AI videos or audio files. Failure to do so could result in consequences, Meta’s policy chief Nick Clegg warned in a blog post on February 6, 2024.

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Based on these indications, the company intends to label content created using artificial intelligence in its services. The request to users is necessary because, as Clegg explained, it is not as common in AI software for creating videos and audio files as it is with photos to integrate invisible watermarks.

At the same time, he acknowledged that there are ways to remove these watermarks. However, Meta is working to make this more difficult. The idea is to integrate the watermarks directly into the creation of the files so that they cannot be deactivated. The company is also developing technology to automatically detect content generated with AI.

Fake Recording of Joe Biden Causes Alarm

In the United States, automated calls with a deceptively realistic imitation of President Joe Biden’s voice caused alarm a few weeks ago. The message of the calls was not to participate in the Democratic Party primary in the state of New Hampshire. The incident raised concerns that there could be attempts in the coming months to influence the outcome of the November 2024 presidential election by spreading deceptively authentic AI forgeries.

Joe Biden

Meta is part of an industry coalition that aims to establish standard technologies for labeling files generated with the help of AI. Meta intends to label AI images in the Facebook, Instagram, and Threads apps in all supported languages based on this framework. The company also offers AI software for creating images based on text prompts. These files contain both visible markings and invisible watermarks.

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