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Palworld: These Are The Ten Best Pals Of The Pokémon Competitor

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Palworld has been dominating the Steamcharts for weeks and delights fans as the Pokémon that Nintendo never delivered. The Pals, Pokémon-like creatures with varying abilities, populate the colorful game world in abundance. Some of them are particularly well-suited for the numerous battles to be fought in Palworld. In our guide, we’ll tell you what the best damage dealers in the game are.

A note in advance: Players’ opinions on which monsters are the best Pals in Palworld vary. The exact ranking also differs, which is why we’ve decided to simply list ten of the best Pals in the game instead of a ranking with places 1 to 10.

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The Strongest Pals In Palworld – From Luigia Clones To Mutant Pikachus

Palworld offers you a wide selection of very strong Pals that you can find throughout the entire game world. Below you’ll find our list of the best Pals, accompanied by explanations of where to encounter each monster.

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Frostalion Palworld

Frostalion combines excellent offense and defense. What makes this legendary Pal the undisputed star of the game, however, are its ice attacks Blizzard Spike and Crystal Wing, which first stun opponents and then inflict massive damage. Frostalion also doubles as a flying mount. You can find this Pal west of the PAL Tower in the northwest corner of the Snow Biome of Palpagos.

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Kitsun Palworld

Kitsun is excellent as a mount for exploring the game world because it remains unfazed by heat and cold. Moreover, it’s an outstanding fighter. The catch with Kitsun, however, is that you can only find it with a lot of luck. Kitsun only appears at night and lives in areas where it’s particularly cold. So you should look for this Pal in the northeastern region of Palpagos.


Grizzbolt Palworld

Grizzbolt is probably familiar to every Palworld fan from the iconic teaser image showing the Pikachu clone with a machine gun. While the Pal isn’t one of the strongest fighters in the game, you can get it fairly early. Grizzbolt is a good all-rounder, both as a tank and as a ranged attacker with Lightning Bolt and Lightning Strike. You can encounter it, among other places, as a companion to the first boss in Palworld.


Digtoise Palworld

Digtoise has one of the best and most devastating damage skills in the entire game with “Drill Crusher.” That’s why this Pal is an absolute asset to your team. As a ground type, Digtoise is also perfect for work in your ore mine. You have the best chances of encountering a Digtoise in the wild in the northeast of Palpagos.


Necromus Palworld

Necromus has a variety of attacks of different types, making this Pal particularly versatile in combat. In particular, Rock Lance and Dark Laser guarantee powerful all-round damage. Because Necromus is one of the legendary Pals, you’ll only get it late in the game. You’ll find Necromus in the far north of the desert region of Palworld. It’s best to look for this Pal at night, to encounter it alone and not accompanied by Paladius.

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Paladius Palworld

Paladius is the daytime version of Necromus, with slightly less attack power but better defense. Because Paladius has the best defense values of any Pal in the entire game, it’s excellent as a tank for your team. You’ll find Paladius, like Necromus, in the northern part of the desert region.


Anubis Palworld

In addition to its good defense and high attack power against individual opponents, Anubis has a decisive advantage: you can breed it quite early in the game, namely from level 25. Additionally, Anubis has the crafting skill at level 4, which also makes it interesting for your base. If you want to catch the Pal in the wild, you’ll find it as a level 47 boss near the Power Statue in the Twilight Dunes of the desert region.


blazamut Palworld

Blazamut rains absolute destruction on its enemies with fire and ground attacks. With a range of 9,999 points, it can attack from both close range and long distance. If you use it as a mount, it also reinforces fire attacks. Unfortunately, Blazamut isn’t easy to catch: you’ll find it as an Alpha Boss in the mine located in the southeast of the game’s volcano region. But beware of the blazing heat there.


shadowbeak Palworld

Shadowbeak is probably the best mount in the game because it can fly quickly and also fight quite decently. It heats up your opponents with its dark attacks without you having to dismount from its back. Shadowbeak also offers the best damage output of all Dark Pals in Palworld. You can get Shadowbeak in Wildlife Sanctuary level 3.


Jetragon Palworld

The last Pal on our list, Jetragon, is a monster of the dragon type and one of the fastest Pals in the entire game. It’s an excellent complement to Shadowbeak because it also qualifies as a flying mount and, moreover, deals strong damage against enemies of the Dark type. In addition to dragon attacks, it also has fire attacks. As a pure dragon type, its opponents must attack it with ice attacks, with ice Pals in turn being weak against fire. So, it’s a win-win scenario for you. You’ll find Jetragon as a legendary Pal on the volcano island of Palworld.

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