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Diablo 4 Tip: Hold onto Your Unused Uber Uniques for a While

In Diablo 4, Uber Uniques represent the most powerful items in the game. Accordingly rare are items like Harlequin’s Crest, which you can farm specifically through Duriel runs, but it requires a lot of luck. Despite their rarity and strong effects, there are also some Uber Uniques that are not used and either sold to the merchant or stored in the chest as a keepsake.

As Community Manager PezRadar writes in the official Diablo forum, you should hold onto these unused Uber Uniques. Because they could soon become more useful.

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PSA: Don’t Throw Away Your Excess Uber Uniques

In the forum, the Community Manager of Diablo 4 writes, “The design team has some plans for players who have numerous unused Uber Uniques. The team wanted to issue a PSA (Public Service Announcement) to the players to keep them for the time being. We will soon release more information on this topic, but we felt it was important to inform the players early.”

Diablo 4 Tip Unused Uber Uniques (1)

It seems that we may expect a balancing patch for currently less popular Uber Uniques or an even greater incentive to farm Uber Uniques.

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After the rough start of Season 3, the developers are striving for damage control and have recently released some improvements for the Season pet. The developers also revealed that players can expect information on the upcoming itemization changes earlier than has been the case with such information in the past. For example, players only got a complete preview of Season 3 one week before the actual start of the season. The itemization update is expected to go live with Season 4 in April.

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