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Real Pokémon in Palworld: Nintendo Pulls Out All the Stops

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When PocketPair unleashed Palworld on Steam a few days ago, it became an instant hit. Within a blink of an eye, this new multiplayer survival-crafting game sold millions of copies and attracted a massive influx of players onto its servers.

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It’s no surprise, really! Many players have long wished for the developers of Pokémon to release a game of a similar caliber. To perfect the Pokémon-Palworld dream, modder ToastedShoes took matters into their own hands and swiftly modified the game. They replaced the Pals from Palworld with real Pokémon and swapped out the human characters with ones from the Pokémon game series.

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Nintendo’s Response to the Pokémon Mod

Here’s the hitch: Nintendo doesn’t seem to find any amusement in this situation. While the clip remains partially accessible on platforms like Reddit or YouTube, the video from the original post on X (formerly Twitter) was deactivated following a copyright infringement notice from the rights holder.

Nintendo has stepped in and pulled the plug. Furthermore, Nintendo has also taken down ToastedShoes’ lengthy YouTube video showcasing the mod in action for over 10 minutes (Source: YouTube).

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ToastedShoes is known for making their mods available download to their Patreon subscribers. However, access to these mods requires a monthly minimum payment of $5. This form of monetization of their intellectual property is likely to irk Nintendo even more.

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