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The Power of “Arkane Beben” Uncovered in Diablo 4 Season 3

In the blink of an eye, players are soaring through the levels in Season 3 of Diablo 4, all thanks to the captivating allure of the new Open World Event, “Arkane Beben.” This phenomenon not only propels your leveling journey but also becomes a treasure trove for equipment and Seneschal stones.

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The Rush to Level 100

Barely 24 hours into Season 3, and some players are already on the verge of reaching the coveted Level 100. The catalyst behind this acceleration lies in the novel Open World Events introduced in the Season of Constructs. Through the mystical Arkane Beben, akin to the Blood Harvest Event in Season 2, players find themselves in a perpetual cycle of farming mobs, items, and concurrently leveling the stones and abilities of their trusted Seneschal companion.

Unveiling the Pylons: Eiskalte Feuerschale

Navigate the zones pulsating with Arkane Beben (marked by verdant leaves) and keep a vigilant eye out for the Pylons named “Eiskalte Feuerschale.” With three Elemental Cores and 50 Shattered Stones, the Feuerschale spawns a cascade of monsters, culminating in an Elite Mob with a high likelihood of dropping a Legendary item. Rob2628’s video provides a visual feast of how this technique masterfully accumulates XP, Legendary items, and Seneschal stones.

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This mini-event is theoretically repeatable at will, granting approximately one-third of your XP bar each time. The linchpin for activation lies in the Elemental Cores, earned by activating the Trap Pylons during Elemental Tremors.

The Collective Harvest

The event reaches its pinnacle when numerous players converge or when you embark on this adventure as a group. As depicted in the aforementioned video, players can sequentially activate the Pylon, yielding a cascade of powerful results. It’s no wonder that many players coordinate via Discord to form groups (refer to the video description above). Fortuitously, you may receive upgrades for your Seneschal’s keystones, amplifying your strength in the process.

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While the grind might threaten monotony, this leveling method serves as an ideal strategy to ascend five to ten levels after completing Season and Class quests. This approach acts as a bridge, allowing players to bide their time before diving into the first final dungeon to unlock World Tier 3, and subsequently, gearing up for the challenge of World Tier 4.




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