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Google Chrome 121 Is Launched with AI Features to Organize Tabs, Create Themes, And More

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On this Tuesday (23), Google Chrome began receiving the update for its version 121. With this update, the browser now incorporates a range of experimental AI-based features. These features aim to enhance user organization and productivity. The functions are initially available in the United States.

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Among the new tools, there is a highlight for the Tab Organizer. It is a function that uses artificial intelligence to group tabs with related subjects. For example, when searching for recipe tips for a family lunch, the browser will recognize the subject of each tab and group them automatically.

To organize tabs using AI, simply access the menu with a downward-pointing arrow in the upper-left corner—whether on Windows or macOS—and click on “Organize tabs.” The browser will suggest ways to group the open tabs, and as soon as the user chooses one of the options, Chrome gathers all the pages into a group.

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Artificial intelligence generates another novelty in the form of themes. Google integrated the text-to-image diffusion model that generates wallpapers on Android into Chrome so that users can create unique themes from options of subject, mood, visual style, and color. For example, you can choose “northern lights” in the color “purple.”

To do this, access the new tab page and click on the “pencil” icon in the lower-right corner. By clicking on “Change theme,” there will be a new section titled “Create with AI” that will allow you to generate unique backgrounds for Chrome.

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Finally, Google also revealed a function called “Help Me Write,” which uses generative artificial intelligence to create text in any field on the page. Simply right-click to open the prompt, which allows you to choose the size and tone of the text. For example:


“I am interested in this place—do you allow dogs?”

AI Rewritten Message

“I am interested in your property. It is exactly what I am looking for. To be perfect for me, I just need to know if the location accepts pets. I await your response.”

Google Chrome 121 AI Boosts Tab Order & Theme Creation (1)

The “Help Me Write” feature will arrive for users with the release of Google Chrome version 122. Currently, there is no forecast for the arrival of the new AI features in Brazil, but with the rapid expansion of technology in Google services, we may have related updates in the coming months.

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