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Huawei May Launch 7 New Kirin Chips for Top-End Smartphones, Rumor Says

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Huawei may be working on the development of seven new chipsets from the Kirin series for release later this year. FixedFocus shared the information after consulting the supply chain of the Chinese company.

According to individuals working with Huawei, all these processors are in the research and development phase. SMIC will assemble them using their 7 or 5-nanometer process.

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The list includes 2 chips exclusively for notebooks, 2 for smartphones from the Nova series, 1 for the Huawei P70 series, and 2 for the Mate 70 series.

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Huawei Rumored May Launch 7 New Kirin Chips for Top Phones (1)

“The presentation of the SoCs is expected to happen throughout the year, following the product release schedule.”

Currently, it is not possible to know the commercial name of all the chips. However, the Nova series chips are expected to adopt a simpler approach for mid-range devices.

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On the other hand, the P70 series will feature the Kirin 9010 chip, and it might only be used in the more expensive models, making the standard variant use the Kirin 9000S.

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The Mate 70 series expects options like the Kirin 9000A and 9000W, while PCs will feature more robust versions of these processors.

In all cases, Huawei will seek to optimize the new HarmonyOS Next to ensure good performance with the new chips. However, as of now, the company has not commented on the rumor.

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