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Use The YouTube App Without Advertising: This Is How It Works

Have you ever wished to bypass those pesky ads on the YouTube app effortlessly? Well, the good news is that enjoying YouTube without ads is possible. However, it does require a workaround to block those interruptions. Let’s explore how you can achieve an ad-free YouTube experience without violating any rules.

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Blocking Ads on the YouTube App: A Challenge

Directly blocking ads within the YouTube app is a daunting task without tweaking the software. Engaging in such alterations is not only typically illegal but also poses risks, especially when involving proxies or downloading alternative firmware. Thankfully, legal applications exist that can block or automatically skip YouTube ads, available on both Apple’s App Store and the Google Play Store under the term “YouTube AdBlocker.”

The AdBlock Browser Solution

How to Block YouTube Ads (1)

For those who prefer using YouTube in their browser but are reluctant to install a separate ad-blocker, the AdBlock Browser offers a seamless solution:

  1. Download and install the AdBlock Browser app for Android or iPhone/iPad.
  2. Upon launching the app, skip the prompts and tap on YouTube on the homepage.
  3. Voila! Enjoy ad-free videos hassle-free.

In the AdBlock Browser’s address field, you can also load other video portals and various websites without ads. Examples are conveniently available on the homepage, accessible by tapping the house icon (Android) or the back arrow (iOS).

A Catch: YouTube’s Defense Against Ad Blockers

It’s worth noting that the solutions mentioned above come with a caveat. Google has increasingly fortified YouTube against ad-blockers. The reason is simple: the streaming platform sustains itself through ad placements. Those looking to bypass the irksome ads are encouraged by the internet giant to subscribe to YouTube Premium for $13.99 per month. Interestingly, the ad-free version is significantly cheaper in some countries like Turkey and Argentina.

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