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Huawei Regains Leadership in Chinese Smartphone Market, Pushing Apple to Third Position

In a surprising turn of events at the beginning of 2024, Huawei has reclaimed its position as the leader in the Chinese smartphone market. According to preliminary figures released this Tuesday, the Nova 12 series played a pivotal role in expanding the market share of the Chinese tech giant.

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The latest data indicates that Huawei commands the Chinese smartphone market with a 19.20% market share, experiencing a remarkable growth of 53.6%. Following closely is vivo, securing a 16.70% share, while Apple finds itself in the third position with 16.40%.

Apple’s Unprecedented Move in Response to iPhone 15’s Underperformance

The underwhelming performance of the iPhone 15 has raised alarm bells for Apple. In a strategic response, the company is now offering an unprecedented discount to regain its standing in the competitive market.

The rankings further reveal Honor in the fourth position with a 14.40% market share, Xiaomi securing the fifth spot with 13.20%, and OPPO rounding off the top three with 12.60%.

Huawei Regains Leadership in Chinese Smartphone Market, Pushing Apple to Third Position (1)

Market analysts closely monitoring China suggest that Huawei’s swift return to the top was anticipated, given the brand’s extensive fan base in the country.

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Huawei Supply Struggle and the Impact on Early 2024 Growth

Presently, the company grapples with replenishing the stock of the Mate 60 series, with some models facing waiting lists. Therefore, the surge in market share at the beginning of 2024 can be attributed to the success of the Nova 12 lineup.

It’s important to note that the data is still provisional, tracking the market situation on a week-to-week basis. Consequently, changes may occur before the end of the month.

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