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Google Takes Action Against Adblock Users on YouTube

In a recent move, Google is clamping down on users who employ “Adblockers” to skip annoying advertisements on YouTube. The tech giant finds this practice undesirable, causing disruptions for users seeking an ad-free experience. Numerous reports on platforms like Reddit indicate that the video buffering slows down when an Adblock is active on YouTube. Some users initially suspected issues with their internet connection, while others noted delays across the entire site with an Adblocker enabled, preventing them from commenting or loading content. Surprisingly, this lag seems exclusive to YouTube, as other Chrome tabs and video streaming services like Twitch or Netflix behave normally.

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Adblock are in Violation of Terms of Use

According to reports from Android Authority, YouTube has issued warnings to viewers, stating that the use of ad-blockers is a violation of the platform’s terms of use. To continue enjoying an ad-free browsing experience, YouTube encourages users to subscribe to YouTube Premium. Interestingly, it seems that even users with a YouTube Premium subscription but with an active Adblocker are also affected.

Google Takes Action Against Adblock Users on YouTube (1)

Deceptive Advertising

For users without a Premium membership who opt to disable their Adblockers, a new problem arises. Android Authority highlights that the site becomes flooded with deceptive advertising. These ads feature popular YouTubers and celebrities attempting to sell products to viewers. The criminals behind this scheme aim to exploit users financially.

To assist those who still wish to enjoy YouTube without advertisements, we have a guide for you.

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