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Samsung Achieves Success: Next Software Update Eliminates Major Drawback

Samsung is set to unveil not just three new flagship smartphones — the Galaxy S24, S24 Plus, and S24 Ultra. Additionally, they will introduce a new version of the pre-installed Android interface called One UI 6.1. This update is expected not only to showcase the debut of AI features from “Galaxy AI”. It also aims to implement fundamental improvements that could potentially invigorate older smartphones. At least, that’s the promise made in a recent video.

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One UI 6.1 Boosts Samsung Phones’ Performance

For years, Samsung phones have grappled with a persistent issue: a lack of smooth performance. This stands out, especially when comparing it to many competitors’ smartphones and, notably, Apple’s iPhones. The animations in One UI, while visually appealing, slow down the phone and have been identified as the culprit behind this lag. While there have been tricks to speed up Samsung phones by disabling animations, these solutions can introduce problems in some apps. One UI 6.1 is touted as the long-awaited solution.

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According to @UniverseIce, Samsung has implemented multiple improvements in the new software to ensure that smartphones run seamlessly. Allegedly, the developers have optimized the animations and removed the background blur effect. Additionally, the scaling of background animations has undergone significant revisions. Samsung has evidently invested time and effort to ensure that its smartphones run more smoothly. See the impressive results in the video below:

The outcome is undeniably impressive. Samsung will introduce One UI 6.1 with the Galaxy S24 smartphones, and the positive impact on visible performance improvement is expected to be noticeable there first. However, it’s worth noting that Samsung plans to release the new interface for older smartphones as well, and, as demonstrated in the above video featuring the Galaxy S23 Ultra, they should run faster. The groundwork, according to the source, has been laid.

Samsung Event on the Horizon

On January 17, 2024, Samsung is scheduled to officially unveil the Galaxy S24 smartphones, “Galaxy AI,” and One UI 6.1. It is expected that the first videos following this event will showcase how well the optimizations appear on the new smartphones. There is undoubtedly high anticipation for the improvements that Samsung has introduced.

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