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MyArcade Announced Licensed Atari Portable Console with Over 200 Games

Fans of classic Atari consoles have something exciting to look forward to, thanks to the recent announcement from MyArcade. Amidst the array of gaming products showcased at CES 2024 last week, one standout is the Atari Gamestation Portable.

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In a departure from the typical portable consoles dominating today’s market, the Atari Gamestation Portable boasts a unique design. It incorporates elements from Atari’s three most popular gaming systems. However, it’s crucial to note that its performance won’t rival that of, for instance, the Steam Deck.

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Bringing the nostalgic charm of original consoles, users can still immerse themselves in a gaming experience akin to classics like Centipede, Missile Command, Breakout, Canyon Bomber, and Codebreaker. Despite featuring a scaled-down button layout, the handheld device proves to be both interesting and more convenient than playing on the original equipment.

MyArcade Atari Gamestation Portable

According to MyArcade, the Gamestation Portable will sport a 7-inch “high-resolution” screen. Unfortunately, detailed specifications regarding the display panel and technical aspects of the product remain undisclosed. Despite being rechargeable, the company has not yet revealed the battery’s capacity.

MyArcade claims the device will launch with a minimum of 200 officially licensed classic Atari games for the portable console. The expected release is set for the fourth quarter of this year, with a price tag of $149.99.

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