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Smartphones Unnecessary: Innovative AI Marvel Takes Charge of Apps

At the recently concluded CES 2024 tech expo, the startup Rabbit took center stage by introducing its cutting-edge device, the Rabbit R1. This compact marvel aims to redefine conventional smartphone usage, boasting a size smaller than the average mobile phone while demonstrating the ability to autonomously operate apps and websites. However, amid this groundbreaking innovation, a myriad of crucial questions remains unanswered.

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Rabbit R1: Rendering Smartphones Obsolete

The Rabbit R1, showcased at CES 2024, presents a distinctive device featuring a compact screen, a swiveling camera, a navigation scroll wheel, and built-in speakers and microphone to facilitate interaction with a built-in AI assistant. The core concept revolves around users issuing commands, and the assistant seamlessly executes them. What sets Rabbit apart is its departure from conventional voice models, opting for a Large Action Model (LAM). (Source: Rabbit)

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This unconventional approach not only promises rapid learning of users’ preferences concerning apps and websites but also emphasizes heightened security. Users can independently sign up for services without Rabbit storing or managing their access credentials. However, lingering uncertainties surround the handling of passwords, and the performance, particularly in data-intensive services like streaming, raises some queries.

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Despite Ambiguities: R1 Sold Out on Debut

Despite the lingering uncertainties and potential weaknesses, consumer interest in the Rabbit R1 has skyrocketed. According to the manufacturer, all 10,000 units produced were sold out on the first day of availability. A second batch is slated for release sometime in the spring, with a price tag of approximately $200, maintaining the fervor surrounding this unconventional device.

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