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Garmin Unveils Exciting Updates for Fenix, Epix, Enduro, MARQ, Quatix, and Tactix Series

On Wednesday (10), Garmin rolled out a new beta update, marked as Beta Version 16.10, catering to smartwatch enthusiasts enrolled in its beta program. This update serves as a sneak peek into upcoming features and operating system changes designed to deliver a smoother and more stable platform experience.

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Diverse Lineup Ready for Beta Version 16.10

Eleven smartwatch models will embrace Beta Version 16.10, revealing a list of 24 exciting novelties. Among these, 8 innovative features promise to enhance the overall user experience, offering added convenience, including novel options for physical activity tracking.

Garmin Unveils Exciting Updates for Fenix, Epix, Enduro, MARQ, Quatix, and Tactix Series (1)

Notably, two models not participating in the testing program, Tactix 7 and MARQ Aviator Gen 2, are still scheduled to receive the updates concurrently with the rest. Eligible smartwatches for the beta version include:

  • Fenix 7 and Fenix 7 Pro
  • The Fenix 7x and Fenix 7x Pro
  • Fenix 7s and Fenix 7s Pro
  • Epix Gen 2 and Epix Pro (42, 47, and 51 millimeters)
  • Enduro 2
  • Quatix 7
  • MARQ Gen 2

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Exciting Features Unveiled in the Release

The release notes for the upcoming software version highlight several notable additions. A new sleep monitor widget and support for narrated audio interactions with a male voice are on the horizon. Additionally, a default-enabled feature for locating a lost cellphone during an activity has been introduced.

Garmin Unveils Exciting Updates for Fenix, Epix, Enduro, MARQ, Quatix, and Tactix Series (2)

Other changes in the changelog include bug fixes and general improvements to the watches’ operating systems. Notable adjustments encompass:

  • Fixing a bug where the sleep mode ended prematurely during the night amid daylight saving time changes.
  • Resolving issues with connection messages when pairing the watch with a heart rate sensor-equipped strap.
  • Rectifying navigation problems that might incorrectly route back to the start of the route in a straight line.
  • Addressing the glitch where the main running widget failed to display results from an early morning run.
  • Fixing Spotify’s repeat and shuffle controls.
  • Correcting the error icon misplacement beside the smart notifications widget.
  • Improvements in the visualization of folder widgets.
  • Potential issues with temperature data fields on CIQ watch faces have been addressed.
  • Optimizing potential shutdowns during music playback in activities.
  • Enhanced presentation of the “Enhanced Incident Detection not supported” message, now appearing once per device power cycle.
  • Improved maximum heart rate prompt.
  • Enhanced scaling in elevation graphics for a more comprehensive map display.
  • Weather updates refined to avoid misleading information for periods exceeding an hour.


Garmin’s Beta Version 16.10 not only promises an array of exciting features for smartwatch enthusiasts but also focuses on refining existing functionalities, ensuring a seamless and enjoyable user experience. Stay tuned for the official release, as these enhancements are set to elevate the performance of your Garmin wearables.

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